Tower Beverage USA's Board of Advisors

Robert Zito NYSE FDNY Foundation

Robert Zito

Robert is currently the Vice-Chair of the FDNY Foundation Board of Directors. Robert was the Executive
Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange on 9/11, Mr. Zito established the NYSE Fallen Heroes
Fund. The Fund was born of a longstanding tradition on the floor of the Exchange, in which members would
pass a hat to collect money each time a firefighter or police officer was killed in the line of duty.

David B. Dinallo Terminal Construction

David B. Dinallo

In a career that extends more than 35 years, David B. Dinallo has amassed an impressive record of accomplishments as an entrepreneur, consultant, and businessman, making his mark across diverse industries including entertainment development and management, land development, and commercial construction. David's expertise is planning, developing and funding multi-million dollar undertakings through grant and World Bank funding.

Even before David knew what direction his career would take, he’d already begun honing his work ethic and leadership profile working for his father in the family’s construction company. During that time, David learned about concrete, steel erection, site, and foundation support systems, as well as nearly every trade associated with massive, multi-billion dollar projects including football stadiums and casinos, power plants, prisons, and even Newark Airport.