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Tower beverage USA Routes for Sale

NYC Beverage Company TOWER BEVERAGE USA launches new sparkling waters and sodas, supports families of fallen heroes

"Never Forget" our fallen heroes with Tower Beverage fruit flavored Sparkling Waters and Craft Sodas

NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2020 / -- It has been almost two decades since 9/11. Still many people have not forgotten that day’s events and the thousands of lives that fell that day and the years to follow. Bill Richards was among the thousands of New Yorkers who lost several friends and colleagues on 9/11, among them being first responders. Richards founded Tower Beverage USA offering routes for sale as a way to consistently support with charitable contributions the families of men and women who perished in the line of duty protecting others, including all first responders nationally and our military veterans.

This month, Tower Beverage USA officially announces the National launch of Tower Beverage flavored Sparkling Waters and Craft Sodas. 10%+ of all proceeds from sales in each market will be donated directly to organizations within those local markets that support fallen heroes, first responders, veterans, and their families and children throughout the USA.

Tower Beverage Sparkling Waters & Craft Sodas are made with natural flavors packaged in slim 12 oz cans. Each can has an illustration of the Freedom Tower, which is the current address of Tower Beverage USA’s corporate headquarters. The Freedom Tower was built on the location of the fallen Twin Towers in downtown NYC.

Each product comes in six refreshing fruit flavors: Sparkling Waters in blackberry, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon, lime and cranberry; Craft Sodas in berry, ginger, cherry/lime, lemon, orange and pear.

Tower Beverage USA sodas and waters will soon be available in c-stores, supermarkets and small mom & pop operations throughout the greater New York City area and throughout the USA. Tower Beverage USA’s Distributors offer the first 12 cases FREE to start selling.

In the spirit of connecting with fallen heroes, Richards has named Rick Martinez as the Tower Beverage USA's Brand Ambassador. Martinez is a retired NYPD Emergency Service Unit/Special Operations Division as well as an Army National Guard veteran. Martinez states, “I've known Bill Richards for over 20 years. In that time, I've known him to be nothing but a warm, caring, compassionate human being that puts the needs of others before his own. I am honored to be Brand Ambassador for Tower Beverage USA. Together with our distributor and retail network we will give back to our brave first responders, veterans, service members and their families all across the country.”

An expert in branding distribution and routes for sale development, Richards has brought together a team of “veterans” in the snack food and beverage industries to launch Tower Beverage USA.

Marc Ceruto, President of TB, is the founder of Premier Snack Co.™ with expertise in building and expanding profitable DSD distributor and routes for sale enterprises.

Dan Steimle, Vice President of TB, has over 40 years experience in the DSD distribution and the routes for sale business with major brands. He handles all DSD distributors and route owners with 100 account commitments.

NVE Pharmaceuticals, with experts in research, development and quality control, handles the formula development, canning and packaging of Tower Beverage USA’s products.

GlobalTranz is TB’s exclusive full-service transportation and logistics provider. And EMPKT PR (sounds like “impact”), led by Beatrice Kimmel, handles all public relations and communications for Tower Beverage USA.

Richards says, “It’s a blessing from God and an honor to put this great-tasting beverage on the market, offering distributors the best route for sale in decades and even more satisfying to donate a significant portion of our proceeds to the outstanding men and women who have given their lives in the name of saving the lives of others.”

About Rick Martinez, Brand Ambassador
Martinez has dedicated his entire life to the service of others, from the military to law enforcement. As a NYC Police Officer, he served as a member of the elite Emergency Service Unit. During 9/11, his unit suffered 14 losses, fourteen friends that he will never forget. He was also on the security detail that escorted Bob Woodruff (Bob Woodruff Foundation) from Teterboro Airport to a NYC hospital after returning from overseas with a serious brain injury. Today, Martinez is a national Security Administrator for CVS Health Corporate Security.

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Bob Woodruff Foundation


Tower Beverage Charity

My dear friend Bill Richards is an entrepreneur with a heart of gold. He designed, produced and is about to launch 'Tower Beverage USA' nationwide. He did so with the intention of having proceeds from every sale go right back to assist First Responders, our Wounded Warriors and their families... particularly those affected by the tragedy of 9/11.

Today, as a Vet and First Responder I had the privilege of presenting a check for $5000 from 'Tower Beverage USA' to a very grateful CEO of the 'Bob Woodruff Foundation', Anne Marie Dougherty. The Woodruff Foundation was founded to provide relief for our beloved injured Veterans

In 2006 I was on the security detail that escorted ABC News correspondent Bob Woodruff to a NYC hospital after returning from Iraq having barely survived a life-threatening brain injury from an IED explosion.

I am honored to have been asked to represent such a noble cause. THANK YOU Bill! Very proud of you my friend!

Police Officer
Rick Martinez
NYPD Emergency Service Unit


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