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Charlie - Ohio

Hi, my name is Charlie. I started in the bread business as a route sales person. In this position I worked for a company and was responsible for the ordering, delivering, and stocking the shelves of bread at local stores. After doing this for a while I realized I didn’t want to be a company man, so I ended up buying my own bread route and building it up. I still do the same things as when I worked for the company, but now I am my own boss and have my own company that I run.

I really like the bread business, but something was still missing in my life. That is when I decided to buy a Tower Beverage route. I was 10 years old when the planes hit the towers and I was too young to do anything or help in anyway. Now I finally have the chance to do something to help and give back to the families affected on that horrific day. I am honored to be a Tower Beverage distributor and support their work with Tunnel to Towers, FDNY Foundation, and The Quell Foundation. I decided to make a difference in our wonderful country, so my question is are you ready to make a difference?

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Miles - Utah

I became acquainted with Tower Beverage USA and Bill Richards early one Sunday morning while searching for business opportunities online. Not only did I find an amazing opportunity, to my surprise, Bill responded to my inquiry, and we scheduled a call.

After talking with Bill, it was easy to become excited about his mission and business plan, for the events that took place on 9/11/2001 I’ll never forget and with Tower Beverage USA, I can be part of giving back to those who serve this country in remarkable ways. So, with that, I was all in and I pulled together all the resources I could to become a part of this story.