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Charlie - Ohio

My name is Charlie, I really like the bread business, but something was still missing in my life. That is when I decided to buy a Tower Beverage route. I was 10 years old when the planes hit the towers and I was too young to do anything or help in anyway.

Now I finally have the chance to do something to help and give back to the families affected on that horrific day. I am honored to be a Tower Beverage distributor and support their work with Tunnel to Towers, FDNY Foundation, and The Quell Foundation. I decided to make a difference in our wonderful country,

Tower Beverage USA Distributors Utah

Miles - Utah

I became acquainted with Tower Beverage USA and Bill Richards early one Sunday morning while searching for business opportunities online. Not only did I find an amazing opportunity, to my surprise, Bill responded to my inquiry, and we scheduled a call.

After talking with Bill, it was easy to become excited about his mission and business plan, for the events that took place on 9/11/2001 I’ll never forget and with Tower Beverage USA, I can be part of giving back to those who serve this country in remarkable ways. So, with that, I was all in and I pulled together all the resources I could to become a part of this story.


Ben - California

I am absolutely blown away by the delicious and refreshing taste of Tower beverage USA's sparkling water and craft soda made with natural flavor and pure cane sugar. As someone who has owned bread routes servicing chains and convenience stores for many years, I have seen and tried countless drinks, but none have compared to the quality and flavor of these products Bill Richards has created.

Being a Distributor for Tower Beverage USA not only allows me to sell a great and delicious product, but it also makes me feel good about helping the Tunnel to Towers Foundation and the men and women who risk their lives every day to protect and serve the people in our communities across this Nation. God bless all the distributors who are jumping aboard and God Bless America!


Keith - Louisiana

I cannot say enough great things about Tower Beverage USA. As a beverage and snack distributor myself for 25+ years, they have gone above and beyond to help our first responders during these unprecedented times. Their dedication to serving those on the front lines is truly admirable and sets them apart from other companies in the industry.

Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their business. I am loyal to Tower Beverage USA and looking forward to our National launch. Their selection of beverages and future drinks being developed is unmatched, and their competitive pricing will make them a go-to from chains and big box stores across the country. Their support for our first responders is just one example of their generosity and commitment to making a positive impact. Thank you, Tower Beverage USA, for all that you do!


Scott - Florida

I am a small business owner who was looking for something a bit more fulfilling for my next endeavor, after doing much research, I came across Tower Beverage and their DSD opportunity. This is right up my alley with having a background in customer/vendor relations as well as majoring in logistics, so after speaking with Bill and seeing his vision for the brand, I had to get on board.

Bill truly has a passion for this mission of helping those who are among the most in need of sincere support and gratitude for what they have contributed to this country. He has also partnered with likeminded national philanthropies to increase the scope further while also providing us small business entrepreneurs with an opportunity to provide a product that is above the competition on so many levels and carries a commitment to better the country in more ways than one. Looking forward to the future with Tower Beverage!


Todd - Missouri

When I was searching for a brand to potentially invest in, the first thing I noticed with Tower was that it has a mission that I could fully support. It is motivating for me to support a brand/company that seeks to make a positive impact in people’s lives. What completely sealed it for me though was not just the mission but also the quality of the product.

Tower is a very high quality and unique brand, there is nothing quite like it in the market and it seeks to meet a consumer need by offering a more natural alternative to what is currently available in the beverage space.  So with Tower being a high quality and unique product that addresses a consumer need AND gives back in a very positive way I was convinced that this was the brand to invest in.


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Kyler - Colorado

I cannot say enough great things about Tower Beverage USA. Not only do they provide delicious and refreshing beverages, but they also have a heart for giving back to the community. Their partnership with the Tunnel to Towers Foundation shows their commitment to making a positive impact. In addition to their philanthropic efforts.

Tower Beverage USA also excels in customer service. Their team is always friendly, helpful, and willing to go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend the Tower Beverage distributorship opportunity. Not only will you be supporting a charity with a great cause, but you will also be able to offer your customers top-notch products for your business. Thank you, Tower Beverage USA, for being a shining example of a company that truly cares.


Joseph - New Jersey

“As a new distributor for Tower Beverage, I am thrilled to share my positive experience with this exceptional company. From the very beginning, the support and professionalism demonstrated by the Tower Beverage team have been outstanding. They provide high-quality products that our customers love and honor the company’s commitment to giving back to those who serve our country.

This product and organization are especially near and dear to my heart. My father was a 9/11 first responder with the FDNY and spent over 20 years of his life dedicated to serving the city of New York. His dedication and service to our community are values that I see reflected in Tower Beverage’s mission and operations. As a proud son of my dad I felt that this was my calling to give back and service the many men and woman small business owners and provide them with such a great product with part of the proceeds going to such a great cause.

I am proud and honored to be associated with Tower Beverage and look forward to a long and successful partnership. Their dedication to quality and customer service makes them a standout in the industry. I highly recommend Tower Beverage to anyone looking to enhance their product offerings and am excited on building a strong, reliable business relationship.

Thank you, Tower Beverage, for being a fantastic partner. Here’s to many more successful ventures together.


Ronald - New York

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Jennette - MI

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Weston - Arizona

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Michael - Texas

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Jeff - IN

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Dylan - Idaho

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Phillip - Staten Island, NY

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Benjamin - TN

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